What is Urban Style Fashion?

What Is Urban Style Fashion?

 The urban style fashion made a very big impact during the 1980's and into the early 90's.  It is a street-inspired style known as "grunge" which was started in Seattle and it came into the limelight through Kurt Colbain and other musical icons. This fashion was identified with its worn-out and grime-ridden appearance.  It was officially mainstreamed by the great Mark Jacobs who is now infamous for the “grunge line." Designers usually conceive fashion then the styles trickle down to the people through marketing channel and distribution and through a trickle-down effect, the fashions take hold.  

The urban style fashion was originated from the street. It was first worn by individuals and then copied by designers who interpreted the looks and redeliver them to the people. The word urban is also referred to as the culture that occurs in cities and towns as a result of the coalition of different cultures, lifestyles, beliefs, and ideas.

 The urban style fashion is edgy and it reflects lifestyle, beliefs, and individuality. Unlike the conventional fashion, anything goes in the urban style fashion world, and trends do not constrain designers. This exhibition is a law unto itself and trends changes like a whirlwind. 

The inspiration for urban lifestyle trends does not come from the media but from the pacesetters, those in charge of the scene. Those that turn ideas into action. Those who refuse to follow the normal conventions. These are the people in charge of the urban scene.

 The urban style fashion does not yield to the trends dictated by conventional fashion. As its main ideas are individuality, going against the current and youth culture, it is an industry which is snowballing and whose path and drifts are somewhat unpredictable. It Influences are many and they include American, British, Asian, Caribbean, African, rock, pop, hip-hop, indie and dancehall music. The skateboard culture, youth culture, and conventional fashion also influence urban fashion. All these factors and many more have given rise to a vibrant coalition of color, design, style, and attitude, which has created the unique and distinctive Urban Fashion scene.

This scene is also quite different from conventional fashion because the designs are more realistic and are, therefore, more likely to be worn a daily basis, because the word urban is often thought to be synonymous with what is happening on the streets.

 The urban style fashion and urban clothing goes hand in hand. This type and sense of style are popular among the urban youth living in densely populated cities, especially with those who are into hip-hop and rap musical band. However, today, it’s not all about rap and hip-hop anymore because the urban style is huge.

Moreover, most of these fashion bloggers get inspirations from ready-to-wear urban collections. If you look at this growing trend from different areas and countries, clothing ideas of urban youth may take new forms because these young people live in urban cities, and they don’t need to adhere to high fashion dress-codes, they simply create their own style.  

In conclusion, the surban style fashion is s true fashion, and its style radiates individuality and attitude. Moreover, is what the conventional fashion savvy shoppers are wearing right now.